HORROR: CHILDREN WHO COMMITTED MURDERS: 10 Killer Children Who Will Change the Way You See Kids, real horror stories (horror stories book Book 1)

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This is a true crime list about 10 children who committed murders.

DISCLAIMER AND WARNING: Some of the contents are graphic and very disturbing, especially because many of the victims were children themselves. Reader discretion is advised.
It’s rare for a child to commit a serious crime , and even rarer for that act to be murder.

So when these cases make the news, they fascinate readers, and stay in the public consciousness long after the trials have ended.

Murder is such an extreme crime that even what motivates adult killers can remain mysterious. Getting to the bottom of what pushed a child to kill is even more difficult.

Many such crimes involve children attacking those younger than them, usually with an age gap of six to eight years.

Needing to feel powerful comes into some of the cases, as does curiosity – wanting to know what killing feels like.

In this book, we take a closer look at some of the most chilling child murderers.

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