The Haunting of the Midwife: A Riveting Haunted House Mystery

Price: ₹ 73.00
(as of Oct 18,2020 10:04:18 UTC – Details)

One small town has a problem that refuses to die.

A child taken in the dead of night, a small town’s history no one wants to talk about, and authority figures with their own agenda have turned Roster, Colorado, into a dangerous place.

When the Maples family arrives in the small mountain town of Roster, Colorado, they’re convinced it will be the perfect place to raise their newborn daughter. But their dream home turns into a living nightmare when an otherworldly power abducts their child. With local authorities convinced the Maples are crazy, the frightened parents turn to Lindsy and Mike Foster, a team of paranormal investigators who seek to uncover the truth behind the haunting.

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